Thursday, July 15, 2010

WV Legislature’s Special Session on Byrd succession is one messy closet!

So WV Governor Manchin (@JoeManchinWV) thought amending WV Code would be easy... needles to say he opened the doors to one messy closet! A statement was just released that @JoeManchinWV will make an appointment to fill Senator Byrd’s seat at 2pm tomorrow, yet I just left a WV Senate (@wvsenate) Judiciary meeting where Secretary of State Natalie Tennant (@NatalieTennant) was being hounded by a couple senators about her first interpretation of the Code (section 3-10-3). According her her initial interpretation, the November 2nd General Election is a separate election from a proposed “Special Election” that would take place on the same day. So person could run for two different offices since the elections and ballots are separate.

I understand that @JoeManchin is feeling pressure from legislators in Washington, but Capitol Hill doesn’t understand that West Virginia is a whole different type of stiletto. When he announced he would appoint someone by this coming Friday (tomorrow), he felt his bill would be passed fairly easily through both the @wvsenate and the House (@wvhouse). But that just isn’t the case.

Why didn’t @JoeManchinWV have all this cleaned up or at least have a solid strategy in case something like this happened? That was the question on everyone’s mind at the legislature (@wvlegislature) today.

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