Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Going After Non-Historic Voters : Campaigning Hechler-Style

After reading the news in bed this morning with my chihuahua cuddled up next to me, I reviewed Ken Hechler’s (thanks for the correction Ken Ward/@Kenwardjr) first campaign speech (check out footage from @WVWatchdog

He doesn’t stand behind a podium. He’s 95. He’s managing his own campaign. He’s definitely a different kind of candidate. And I’m excited.

“Well I”m not only going to go after historic voters, I’m going to go after unhistoric voters... the average people of West Virginia,” he proclaims, “I stand for a new form of politics.”

What’s so appealing about Ken Hechler? He is going after regular West Virginians. He, and his campaign, are modest and approachable. My dad, a blue-collar guy who owns and manages an electrical contracting company, said he’d vote for Hechler over Manchin because he likes his style and he feels Hechler can relate to him. I must admit that as a 25 year-old “average” West Virginian, Hechler-style campaigning is much more attractive to me than that of the suspected Senate “shoe-in.”

Hechler is not alienating anyone, (keep in mind I’m not talking about issues, just candidate campaigning styles). If you’d like to make a donation, he’d really appreciate it. I can’t afford to attend Manchin’s $5,000 per person fundraiser at Senator Rockefeller’s D.C. residence, and even if I had the money, I’d rather spend it on shoes. It’s pretty obvious Manchin hasn’t attempted, yet, to engage your average West Virginia “Joe” or younger voters (he still isn’t following anyone on Twitter).

While the spotlights don’t shine in Hechler’s favor, I wish Manchin would make note of what made me stop and turn my head away from the handsome man who made me fall in love with politics almost ten years ago and take a long look at 95-year old Ken Hechler.

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  1. I don't think that it has occurred to MoJo that he hasn't automatically deserved this seat all along. I'll prolly vote for Manchin in the general but, as of right now, I'm voting for Ken, if for no other reason than to keep Kjoe from gettin' too big for his britches.