Friday, July 9, 2010

Eagle One and Eagle Two Are on the Move

“Eagle One and Eagle Two have landed...”

While sitting at Senator Byrd’s memorial service just one week ago today, I overheard one of the secret service men saying these words into a teeny tiny microphone on his jacket lapel. Assuming he was referring to President Obama and Vice President Biden, I asked him if former President Clinton had a code name.

“No, only the President and Vice President,” he retorted.

“Why Eagle One and Eagle Two? Do every U.S. President have the same bird?” I questioned.

According to the man with a microphone, an ear piece, and boring suit and sunglasses, every President chooses their code animal. If it were me, I’d choose Cheetah One. What would you chose?

After telling Mr. Secret Service this, he said with a smile, “I know who Cougar One would be...”

I’ll leave that one to your imagination...

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