Wednesday, July 21, 2010

From the Manchin to the White House?

With Capito out of the race for Senator Byrd’s seat, Governor Manchin must be thrilled. Now that Manchin heads to DC, I predict his term as United States Senator will only last for two years. With his eye is on the White House, Manchin for President in 2012 is very possible. But will America allow another man in the White House who has only served one term in Congress? Manchin does possess more charisma than Obama, heck he’s the man who made me fall in love with politics.

But President Manchin? I think Vice President Manchin is more like it. If Obama wins the Democratic Primary in 2012, he’ll need someone with an extremely high national approval rating as his Veepee: and that man is soon-to-be Senator Manchin. Another option? Obama doesn’t go past the primary and someone else wins the Democratic nomination for President, and they select Senator Manchin to join them as Vice President.

With the highest approval rating of any elected official in America, maybe “President Manchin” isn’t too far out in left field after all. West Virginia House of Delegates member Tiffany Lawrence said during a speech at a fundraiser that Manchin greatly inspired her to go into politics. If he make me fall in love with politics, he just might make America fall in love with him.

My fashion background begs me to ask one question of the soon-to-be Senator and his first lady ...who is going to be your stylist? I just might have a couple recommendations.

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