Sunday, July 18, 2010

@Capito4Congress: Both House and Senate?

Thursday: Nothing. Friday: Nothing. Saturday: Nothing. Sunday: Still nothing. The West Virginia Legislature (@WVlegislature) has not produced a bill the Senate (@wvsenate) and House (@wvhouse) an agree on. As of Saturday evening, Governor Manchin (@JoeManchinWV) and House Minority Leader Tim Armstead (no twitter account) couldn’t come to an agreement. And as of today, everyone is blaming everyone else for yet another special session where nothing really got accomplished (although the Senate did pass several education bills that weren’t slated to be dealt with until next week). I can’t help but wonder how much this very special session for a very special election is costing West Virginia tax payers.

What a big headache for Governor Manchin. According to several sources, he will call for a proclamation for a special election, as long as he has the Attorney General’s blessing. Now the question is whether or not Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (Capito4Congress) will run for Byrd’s seat.

The Senate Minority introduced the amendment to the Senate’s bill so Capito could run for Byrd’s seat and for her House seat. The Senate passed the amendment and the bill, although Senate President Tomblin (@Senator_Tomblin) wasn’t happy. Apparently Senator Randy White (@wvsenator) gave the final vote needed for the amendment to pass. Senator Mike Oliverio (@Mike_Oliverio) was seen trying to persuade White otherwise, and disapprovingly shaking his head when White wouldn’t change his mind/vote. Just a side note, White was defeated in the Primary this past May, (

Back to Capito, I think she’d be silly not to run for both seats. What’s there to lose? Her decision is expected tomorrow after Manchin calls for a special election. Wonder what she'll wear for her press conference...

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  1. Should be interesting! Go for it Shelley!