Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sarah Palin: The Ultimate Retail Politician?

President Sarah Palin? All morning long I’ve heard about Sarah Palin; from the massive amount of money she’s spending on campaign consultants and contributions, to whether or not she will challenge Obama in 2012, to her daughter’s engagement (which is on the cover of US Weekly).

MSNBC’s Politico “Morning Joe” hosts talked about how great she is at facebooking and tweeting. For some reason, or many, Americans can’t seem to get enough of Sarah Palin. From

Barbies to books, this woman knows how to brand, market, and package herself: Sarah Palin is the poster child for retail politicians. Whether or not you like her politics doesn’t matter, because some other aspect of her life intrigues you. Social by design, the Sarah Palin brand continues to skyrocket, mixing politics with celebrity.

But I have to wonder, like all retail products, how much longer she has to go before her brand begins to decline. Is Sarah Palin’s brand unsustainable, like Obama’s campaign brand?

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