Monday, July 12, 2010

Rep. Capito Laces Up Her Boots to Assess Afghan Strategy

Today’s Daily Mail discusses Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s , R-W.Va, recent overnight trip to Afghanistan, and I couldn’t help but notice that one of the photographs featured with the article showed her footwear,

In the world of politics, wearing the right footwear at the right time is critical. Politicians must know when to roll up their sleeves and dig into issues, no matter where their efforts may take them. In this case, Rep. Capito traversed her first overnight trip to a county where there is little economic development and an immense history of instability.

Senator Robert C. Byrd told Rep. Capito that, “West Virginia needs a work horse, not a show horse.” And while I might not see eye-to-eye with her on issues, I feel she has been quite a work horse for West Virginia, no matter if she’s wearing Stewart Weiztman’s around Capitol Hill or muddy boots around the Middle East.

For more on Rep. Capito’s trip to Afghanistan,


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