Monday, January 23, 2017

Scary Campaign Promises Turn Into Real Reality

On this rainy, cold, post-March Monday, President Trump has showed himself again. This time not with “alternative facts” but by making good on his scary campaign promises. He signed an executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule, an order that bans non-governmental organizations that preform abortion services from receiving foreign aid or any federal funding.

This audacious action comes on the heels of the largest protest in United States History, the 1.21.17 Women’s March. This past Saturday, we joined together in solidary to stand up the rights for women, men, and children across America and around the world. It was a day of healing for those of us who still feel as if Hillary Clinton’s defeat bears the same weight as your best friend passing away; a day of inspiration for all genders and all ages; a day of compassion; a day when we showed the world what a peaceful protest looks like.

Our march continues! The organizers have set up 10 Action Steps, and thousands of women and men are signing up to become advocates for NARAL, Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, Vote Run Lead, and numerous other organizations. I ask anyone who reads this to make your voice heard consistently and effectively, from communicating with your local and federal elected officials to volunteering to help register people to vote to sharing your thoughts and feeling across social media, to starting blogs, and having conversations with your friends and family on a regular basis. The time is now, and if Saturday showed us all one thing only, it’s that yes, the force of America is with us.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hillary's Pearly Whites

Quite frankly, I don’t see how Joe Scarborough is even still on the air. That aside, I agree with him. Hillary does need to smile more, and that’s just the beginning.

She continues to come across like she’s yelling in her victory speeches. Maybe it would be different if she was smiling while yelling? I know she and every other Presidential candidate are exhausted right now, so a little scratchy throat is expected, but you won! Be happy excited! We’re all happy for you! Show those pearly whites!

Should she pull a Chris Rock from the Oscars and use the word “smile” in her upcoming speeches just to be snarky? Totally. But seriously, there is a time to be stern and a time to be excited. Women are up in arms that white men are “scolding” our upcoming Madame President to “smile” but we women shouldn’t be up in arms over these comments. It’s true! I’m a women. #ImwithHER. I think she needs to not only smile more but to be warmer overall.

And, maybe we all need to smile a little more, too.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Hillary Needs Some Heel-Appeal

Cosmo just came out with an article talking with four young women about why they support Bernie. “I think he has strong policy stances.” That’s nice. “We want to change our political system.” Shocker.

You know what I don’t see? I don’t see Bernie strapping on some Tory Burch booties and conquering the world. Do you? Nope.

I see Hillary rising to the occasion and taking care of business like she has since she helped to form CHIP. We young women need to really think about what we need in our next President, and it starts by looking down at our shoes.

As I type this, I’m wearing my classic black Louboutins, so I’ll use these to illustrate my point. These patent leather beauties carry all my weight all day long through more shit than I’ll ever know. They protect my toes, feet, and ankles. The soles are designed to pad the balls of my feet that bare more weight in this 4.75” heel. They make me stand tall. They’re stable yet flexible where needed. They remind me to take time to smell the roses admire my fabulous heels and breathe during the day. They make me feel confident and secure during my meetings. I trust that they won’t break under the pressure of all my weight. They will continue to carry me over the grime and filth with every step I take. They’re actually quite commanding on their own. Each separate piece, from the leather to the arch, to the stitching, to the printing of “Louboutin” on the sole, to the heeltap is done with immaculate perfection. The brand is remarkably reliable with a solid reputation and history.

Commanding. Trustworthy. Reliable. Proven. Protecting. Detail-oriented. Proven again. Trench-tested. Proven again. These are qualities I want in the next President of the United States. We need a President to continue the progress of Barack Obama with a realistic plan to take care of campaign finance, equality for all, student loans, and safeguard us from both domestic and foreign terrorism.

It’s great that Marc Jacobs is designing tees for Hillary, but we women need more than a designer tee or a Katy Perry concert. We need a to put on our platforms, rise to the occasion, and stand with the only choice for President. Hillary Clinton. So let’s bring out our heel-appeal for Hillary!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Grandpa Bernie or Empress Hillary?

No wonder the Alpha and the Omega that is HRC isn't reaching my generation - its like she's my nagging, shrill mother-in-law who's scolding me on what I haven't done for her son and her granddog. (In real life, my boyfriend's mom ROCKS MORE THAN ANYONE HAS A SPARKLE OF A CLUE, so don't misinterpret!)

So literally, women a bit older than me and a lot younger than me are being asked to choose between "Grandpa wants to help pay for your college" and "Stand up for ME! Me! Me! Me!" 

Hillary babe, I love you. You're the only candidate in my eyes, and in the eyes of my contemporaries. Quit yelling at me. Quit yelling at America. You've already proven yourself. We ALL know it. I've never seen grace under fire in my life like the day you owned the Benghazi hearing. And the very next day, I got to see you in person at the DNC's WLF annual conference (in that fabulous green long jacket!). That's my Hillary. We ALL know you in our own way and love you. As a dear, dear friend once said to me (I'm looking at you Stanford), "Go do you." 

Hillary, we're here. We're behind you. Go be you. That's how you really, really win. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My Pro-Choice Pops

My dad dated a lovely woman who happened to be pro-life. Chad and I were visiting my dad and his lady (at that time) at Dad’s home in Charleston, WV over the holidays. In between bites of bacon-wrapped shrimp and sips of Sauvignon Blanc, they asked us about our biggest victories from the most recent cycle, our favorite clients, and our not so favorite clients.

We were extremely proud to have helped defeat the 20-week abortion ban in Colorado. For me personally, as a die-hard pro-choice woman, NARAL Pro-Choice America was one of my top favorite clients. 

Dad’s lady shrieked in horror and disgust that I was pro-choice, and immediately berated me about my choice. With a raised voice, spitting small pieces of shrimp, and tears rolling down her cheeks, she preached at me that a cookie was a cookie the moment anyone ever thought about baking cookies. 

After a deep breath, I looked at her and started to talk, but was abruptly cut off dad. 

“Cartney is entitled to her opinion. If she wants an abortion, that’s her choice. [Insert lady’s name here], I’m proud to be Cartney’s father. I’m pro-choice, and I’ll stand behind her whatever she wants to do.” Don't even try to imagine her reaction - it was unfathomable. 

Men for choice. (Insert the biggest, proudest smile you can imagine here!) Not only am I lucky to have a strong, pro-choice Mom and a rock star pro-choice life partner in Chad, I have a proud, pro-choice Dad. 

That’s why, especially in light of the negativity Planned Parenthood and the pro-choice movement have received recently, it’s critical to donate to NARAL’s Men for Choice this year (and please make sure to tag that you were invited by Chad Gosselink). Please help Chad and I raise money for a cause we so passionately believe in - for a cause my dad so passionately believes in. Men for choice!!! I love you Dad!!!!!! 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Thoughts Following Last Week's GOP Debate

Check out my thoughts on last week's first GOP debate in my interview with The Hill!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Democratic Divas Take Over Control Point Group

My firm, Control Point Group, was beyond thrilled to host the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum yesterday evening to get more young women involved in the WLF.

I had the fabulous honor of introducing Amy Dacey, the DNC’s Executive Director, who had spoken at WGR’s “Frontline Females Make It Happen” PACs, Politics, and Grassroots Conference last month on a rock star opening panel I helped coordinate. What a force she is!

It was beyond exhilarating to have esteemed Democratic divas, like Carol Pensky, Christine Bennett, Edda Collins Coleman, Anatasia Dellaccio, Jo Ousterhout, Shaundra Patterson-Strachan, Alfreda Robinson, Stephanie Schlatter, and of course, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, next to several new faces and just feel the energy and excitement about WLF and the upcoming 2016 cycle.

I must repeat my opening remarks in hopes that those of you who couldn’t make it yesterday will read this: While we all love investing in our wardrobes and closets, the most important investment we can make as women is by supporting women running for political office and investing in WLF. Those Jimmy Choo’s are going to have to wait, because we’re choosing to invest in our future by investing in women running for office and WLF.