Friday, December 2, 2011

Withholding Information from Voters? You Should Get the Boot!

As Americans, our first Amendment gives us freedom of speech. This Politico in Stilettos whole-heartedly believes that it is the responsibility of those we elect be our voice in government to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what actions are taking place to help solve the problems we face.

Withholding information, especially positive information, is unacceptable. If someone knew there was a Chanel sample sale and specifically withheld that information from me, I would give them the boot (a Louboutin boot that is)!

Some of our elected officials are taking initiatives to get to the bottom of West Virginia’s most serious issues, like the prescription drug problem. Thanks to one senator’s request, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin created the Substance Abuse Advisory Council that consists of a comprehensive group of stakeholders to take a 360-degree approach to finding solutions to the drug problem.

This is an enormous step forward that a delegate failed to be mentioned at a recent town hall meeting.

Why would any elected official fail to tell their constituents that positive steps are being taken and that solutions are on the horizon?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Rick Perry: the GOP’s Lady Gaga?

Since Fashion Week is taking place in New York right now, I just couldn’t help myself…

What’s the one thing an aspiring designer’s collection can do to stand out in a sea of fabric on the runway? The same thing a candidate to can do to stand out in a sea of political hopefuls: Be audacious.

Texas Governor Rick Perry scares the stilettos off me, but the one thing I must give my nightmare’s campaign consultants credit for is his audacity. Since announcing his candidacy, he has the most outlandish, unfathomable, and outrageous sound bytes of any candidate I can remember.

From calling social security a “ponzi scheme” to not believing the federal government plays a role in our childrens’ education, to even questioning whether or not the President is patriotic, his audacious quotes continually get his name mentioned on the news, virally over dirty martinis and in office break rooms across the nation. His brazen, rash comments are so over the top, they’re news (although they haven’t landed him in the same situation as John Galliano, yet…). If he wasn't audacious, I wouldn't be blogging about him right now. You don't see me blogging about John Huntsman, do you?

The only thing I can compare his words to are Lady Gaga’s performance ensembles!

So whether you’re in fashion or politics and need to stand out, one thing will always hold true: Be audacious!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The President's Necktie

A lavender-blue, wide necktie that hung almost perfectly straight drove the President’s message home to this fashion-savvy politico. The color echoes that of the early morning dawn, or the rebirth of the American Dream to the citizens of the United States of America.

“Americans do not care about politics – they have real life issues,” our fearless leader confidently claimed last night, and he’s right.

The average person does not care about politics, they care about their families and themselves. One key example that President Obama pointed out was that parents are postponing retirement to send their kids to college, my parents fall into this shoebox, which is just one in a few million that could take up the entire Mall of America.

He referenced the baby boomer vision of the American Dream, and put the responsibility of bringing it back on the Armani-suited shoulders of the elected officials of Congress.

I sharply disagree with one of Chuck Todd’s comments last night about the President’s American Jobs Act legislation plan. Todd said there’s a marketing plan, but what he doesn’t see is a legislative plan to “ram rod” this bill through the House and Senate. Chuck, not only do I disagree with your opinion, I really disagree with your tie.

What Obama’s speech inspired me to do was tweet, call, write, blog, and email my elected officials to make them vote for the President’s legislation. If we Americans put enough pressure on the members of Congress that represent us, it can pass. Yes, there’s a full-swing Presidential Primary going on in the Republican Party right now, but, “we can’t wait 14 months.”

Politics is the art of compromise, and what the President implied he was proposing is a piece of legislation that both parties can agree on because it involves several compromises on issues.

I challenge every single person who reads this blog to not judge a shoebox by its cover and to read the American Jobs Act. If you support it, call the elected officials who represent you and are supposed to have your best interest at heart and tell them to support it too.

On a side note, what was Hilary wearing? And Mr. Speaker, you consistently disappoint me in your tie selection. From your St. Patrick’s Day green tie to the cotton candy-colored blob you wore last night… It’s always a fashion fail for you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Jobs Speech: The Politico in Stilettos' Thoughts

It's interesting that CNN's American Morning anchors were asking guests on yesterday morning’s show, "what do you want to hear in a jobs plan?"

Sure, we'd all like to hear something to make us sleep easier at night with dreams of financial stability in our heads. But is that what we need?

This 26-year-old is tired of being babied. America take off the Pampers training pants and put your big girl panties on!

I am exhausted of hearing about all the Republican candidates’ jobs plans. They’re basically the same thing with different wording and the bullet points are in different sequences.

What are college kids thinking right now? Or are they even concerned about it? If I was in undergrad right now, I’d be scared of not being able to find a job after graduation. Sure, there is always graduate school, but that’s not a permanent solution.

So if I had been a guest on CNN this morning and they asked me, “what would you like to hear in a jobs speech?” Here’s what I’d say…

The question isn’t what would I like to hear, it’s what should I hear. I should hear the scary reality that our nation is facing issues of mountainous proportions right now, and creating jobs is yes, one of those elephant-sized issues. I should hear that America as a whole is going to have to work as a team to get back on track… that at the end of the day, it’s big corporations and small businesses, it’s Democrats and Republicans working together for the good of the country, not for their own agenda.

And I applaud Rachel Maddow’s clip that aired during a break on Morning Joe this morning where she confidently conveys what huge things America has been capable of, and will continue to be capable of.

The movie A Beautiful Mind made an excellent point: the greatest outcome will come by doing what’s good for yourself and what’s good for the group. When small businesses do their part, when corporations do their part (and nothing super scandalous obviously), when we all strive to reach the same big, broad goal, it can be achieved. If we focus all our energy on obtaining set goals for both ourselves, our jobs, and our country, I deeply believe we will see things shift for the better.

In my opinion, the President’s job speech should not tell about all the jobs he is going to create. It should ignite a flame inside each and every one of us and motivate the nation to get to work. I should hear a speech that will make me work harder each and every day, that inspires me to start my own business on the side and be able to employ a college student part-time so they are able to contribute to the economy by choosing to pay back their student loans while enrolled in school (or buy shoes).

President Obama needs to inspire the nation this evening, which is the very thing he did when he ran for President. No, he need not give a campaign speech, as most people are probably expecting. He needs to ignite that spark inside each and every American from the beginning to the end of this speech this evening.

Robert Frost wrote in his poem The Road Not Taken, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Where there is a will, there is a way. Look at the feats this nation has accomplished when America takes its own path. After all, that’s what America is founded upon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This Fall’s Jimmy Choos: Calling for Government Transparency?

It’s not uncommon that fashion designers, from prêt a porter to haute couture, express their political views in their designs and/or their advertising.

My favorite political fashion designer is Kenneth Cole, whose advertisements for his Fall 2011 Womens’ Ready to Wear Collection clearly depict his personal political views.

My personal favorite is this one regarding the pro-life versus pro-choice continuous debate. Pay particular attention to the way this question is worded. Was the original sentence “It should be a woman’s right to choose if she’s the one carrying it.” And Cole switched the first two words to make the viewer pause and realize this his intended point?

Here is another example from Cole advertising campaigns from past collections.

On to my point… I posted this photo on Facebook this cold, rainy morning in early September at first because I was excited about fall fashions. The more I got to thinking about it, is Choo subtly making a point with his shoe designs?

With the 2012 elections

approaching with cheetah-like speed, would Choo be calling for greater transparency in government? In campaign finance? Do his shoe designs speak out against Citizens United? With more and more PACs and super PACs forming to help get candidates elected, where’s the money coming from?

So all you politicos, maybe there’s more to a Choo than meets the eye.

Ensuring Political Stability: A must for Democrats across the nation

“A house divided amongst itself cannot stand.”

Well, neither can a political party, and the national GOP has done a fabulous job proving this point. However, this Politico in Stilettos is deeply concerned about the recent talk of scary Rick Perry waking up sleepy Democrats across the nation more so than any other national political figure on the scene right now.

Now is not the time for sleep, now is the time we need to lace up our tennis shoes (or slide into a pair of ass-kicking stilettos) and hit the streets. As Democrats, lefties, or whatever you want to call yourself, we need to ensure our party’s stability by standing behind incumbent Democrats and initiating campaigns against incumbent Republicans (like former West Virginia State Senator Mike Oliverio is doing).

The GOP is weak, disjointed, and out of touch with the American dream. All I hear on the morning news, from Morning Joe to CNN to NBC’s Today Show, is that the Republican Party has no front-runner and therefore zero stability. They’re divided between scary Perry, John Huntsman and his horrible ads, Mitt Romney, and the craziest of all, Michelle Bachmann. Even more frightening than witchy O’Donnell is the possibility that Sarah Palin may run. (Hmmmm...Maybe I’ll be Christine for Halloween…)

It’s high time we lefties capitalized on this! I understand elections are all about timing, and there will be several Democratic primaries across the United States of America. Good luck to all Democrats, but I think it’s time we saw the forest for the trees, or the shoe store for the heels, when it comes to 2012.

“Think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Political Consultants, Hail to the “V”

Juan Williams, one of the speakers at the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce 75th Annual Business Summit, talked about the 2010 Census statistics and how this related to the future of political campaigns.

(No, I didn’t get to actually hear the speech because I was getting a facial and taking a personal day to relax, but my boyfriend’s company is one of the event’s sponsors, so he relayed this to me over lunch. And don’t judge, everyone needs a break once and while.)

According to the 2010 Census data, females outnumber males in the United States 50.8% to 49.2%. There was a sex ratio of less than 100, further confirming the point that there are more females than males in our nation. (And why isn’t a female President yet?)

Williams said that females between ages 18-30 is the largest emerging age demographic, and that will only continue to grow. So what does this mean for political campaigns?

We’ll see more campaign ads targeted toward this female age group. Political consultants will need to craft messages that appeal to and will energize this diverse group of fearsome femme fatales.

Of course, we’ve already seen female-targeted political ads. Here’s an example from the October 2010 race in Maryland. Former Presidential Candidate John Kerry also targeted women.

But the women between 18-30 years of age today are a Choo of a different color than a couple years ago, especially when it comes to race. For example, there are more Hispanic females today in our nation than two years ago.

I must admit, I look forward to watching “the good old boys” try to craft messages to appeal to this group. And hopefully we’ll get more young, vivacious females involved in the political arena.

In other words, hail to the V!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Invest in the U.S.

“We need an energy policy that is centered around energy independence,” Senator Joe Manchin said in a feature story in the August-September 2011 issue of Corridor Magazine.

“We should not depend on foreign oil produced off the continent that holds us hostage and uses the money against us that we transfer by buying their product,” Manchin asserted.

Energy independence has been a hot issue for years now. Political candidates talk about the issue, public relations campaigns for coal and natural gas companies use the message, but not until this weekend did I learn that Ohio is paying hundreds of millions of US dollars each year to a Grecian company to run their lottery computers. West Virginia uses a company in Italy for their lottery computer services.

Not only do we need to invest in DOMESTIC sources of energy, we must invest those millions and billions not into foreign lottery computer systems, but into companies in the United States. Think of how many jobs could be created if Ohio and West Virginia reinvested that money in their own states, or even just in the United States!

While I realize I probably do not know the whole story about the lottery funds, this stiletto-clad West Virginian is appalled. Why would anyone want to invest in Greece right now? It’s chaos over there!

Please do not argue the point that Ohio is helping aid the Grecian economy. I earned an A from UNC at Greensboro in all three of my Economics classes, and let me tell you that it’s imperative the United States invests in itself when and where it can, especially after what the stock market just did.

Yes, I understand we must maintain our relationship with Greece, but before you can help someone else, you must help yourself first.

Monday, July 18, 2011

West Virginia has a Summit on Digital Government?

I just found out that West Virginia has an Information Technology Summit… and one of the topics for this year’s session is on digital government and new technologies. First off, I cannot figure out how I did not know about this. Secondly, you better believe I will be there. Thirdly, this Summit needs much better publicity.

From what I can tell by the website, the Summit has ZERO social media applications, which is a huge flaw in my eyes, (and honestly, probably why I didn’t know about it).

In addition to the topics listed above, additional topics for the Summit include; innovation, leadership in challenging times, cloud solutions, and cost savings. But… why isn’t mobile government listed? And I must ask, can someone be more specific? Innovation seems a little vague to me.

After finding this out, I can’t help but wonder… based on my politically social background and involvement in Leadership Kanawha Valley and Leadership West Virginia, would I qualify to be a speaker?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Importance of Viral Influencers

One item on my To Do list this week is to update my media database, something anyone who works with the media and/or brand reputation management should do at least quarterly, if not monthly. Besides traditional media, I have a column for blogs, blog authors, Twitter accounts for national, West Virginia, and tri-state media… but this time I’ve decided to add a new column per media market: Influencers.

Ever since Klout has come about, I feel it’s critical for any business, political campaign, etc… to identify those people on social networks whose opinions/tweets/Facebook posts engage and influence others.

Haven’t heard of Klout? It measures one individual’s influence across the online social-sphere. According to CrunchBase, “Klout allows users to track the impact of their opinions, links and recommendations across your social graph. Data is collected about the content users create, how people interact with that content and the size and composition of their networks. Klout identifies influencers and provides tools for influencers to monitor their influence.”

What kind of influencer am I? According to Klout, I’m a Broadcaster, which means “You broadcast great content that spreads like wildfire. You are an essential information source in your industry. You have a large and diverse audience that values your content.” (Thanks for the ego-boost this morning, Klout!)

Why is this important? Viral is the number one source of message dissemination, be it negative or positive, in today’s media ecosystem. And where does viral start? Social networking sites. Where can viral turn into a frenzy and spin out of control? Social networking sites. Therefore it’s extremely important to identify influencers in each media market. Depending on what content a business, campaign, or individual puts out, an influencer might take the information and put out contrasting content. If that business does not respond, they become less reputable over a short period of time. Even more alarming, if the message is not controlled, a brand, business, candidate, etc… can be discredited almost completely.

And just in case you were wondering… how influential is Klout? See for yourself.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Politics of White Water Rafting

Yesterday I went white water rafting for the first time with Class VI, who I am extremely happy to say tweeted with me several times prior to the trip and afterwards!

After swimming through some rough water with the rest of our boat, my boyfriend, a Pittsburgh native, looks at me and says, “This is one of the best things about West Virginia.” I must admit I felt bad for not taking advantage of one of our best outdoor activities for so long, but now I’m addicted and cannot wait to take on more rapids!

It occurred to me while paddling through class three, four, and five rapids that I should probably consider myself an adrenalin junkie, as all I wanted to do was paddle through more! This is similar to the feeling I have after an election is over: you don’t know what to do with yourself until campaign season starts up again!

I’d compare the lower New River to a State Senate or House of Delegates campaign. From what our amazing guides told me, the lower Gauley River would be more like a Congressional, U.S. Senate, or gubernatorial campaign: a lot more paddling and many, many more rapids. Our guide Tate, a Pinch native, told me the upper Gauley River is intense and something that must be worked up to. Hmmm…sounds similar to the experience you need before jumping on board with a national campaign.

It’s evident the political bug bit me and I’m addicted, the same goes with golf (shoes and fashion are a given and require no explanation). But now, I do believe I’m hooked on rafting, just need to find a way to have better looking shoes!

Friday, May 13, 2011

West Virginia and the Need for Young Professionals: Stop Talking and Start Marketing

For the last two years all I’ve heard is “We need more young professionals in West Virginia.” And that’s pretty much all I heard today at Generation West Virginia’s Young Leaders Conference. Well West Virginia, it’s time to shut up and roll up ‘yer sleeves on this one.

It seems we spend so much time focusing on the need for young professionals in wild, wonderful West Virginia that we can’t see the forest for the Spruce, Maple, and Oak trees.

What do young people look for in a potential new homeland? Progress. Movement. Energy. And more progress.

We’ve laid the foundations for current young professionals in our beloved Mountain Mamma with the creation of Generation West Virginia, Generation Charleston, Generation Putnam, Generation GAP, Generation Greenbrier Valley, Huntington Young Professionals, Generation Morgantown, North Central Young Leaders, OVConnect, Pendleton County YPC, Young Professionals of the Eastern Panhandle, Young Emerging Leaders of the Mid-Ohio Valley, Vision Shared, and several other organizations.

Furthermore, we’re making progress by drafting legislation to improve our state’s future that’s being introduced and passed in the West Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates. This legislation is being sponsored and moved along by members of the organizations above who serve in the House, such as Delegates Amanda Pasdon and Doug Skaff. This progress wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of several amazing young professionals, and the advice of a few “older” ones.

This is our biggest marketing asset. Rather than talking about the need for young professionals, it’s time we showcase our progress and ask the rest of the nation’s young people to join our movement. Why did so many youngsters from sea to shining sea hop on Obama’s 2008 campaign bandwagon? Because they saw progress being made and they had a call to action. (While I know this isn’t a proper comparison, the marketing tactic is the same.) They were inspired.

Once someone comes to West Virginia, it’s hard for them not to fall in love with all our state has to offer. West Virginia is inspiring, full of possibilities and huge feats that need to be accomplished.

I see pretty much the same people and hear the same names over and over again at leadership conferences in West Virginia. These are the founders of West Virginia’s future, now it’s time for us to ignite this passion in others by marketing our progress and giving the nation’s young people a call to action: come to West Virginia and join our movement to build something better than anyone’s dreamed.

You’re probably thinking, “Okay, we need jobs.” “Yikes Cartney, too many regulations and there isn’t a Neiman Marcus here…. HELLO!” Or maybe you’re saying to yourself, “This girl is way too tired from the special election and needs a vacation.”

Wake up West Virginia, we need to move to the second phase of recruiting young people to our state.

While I’m all for West Virginia students going to in-state colleges and universities, we have to make sure some of our best and brightest leave, because they need to bring back the ideas and energy to West Virginia to create something so unfathomable, it will put our state on the map for even greater things.

Let’s tell the nation about what great things we’re accomplishing here in West Virginia. Let’s focus on spreading our passion to our friends who live out of state and get them here. It might start off small, but when a raindrop falls on Cheat Lake… it produces a ripple.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

With Honesty and Open Government for All

Since falling head over stilettos with Twitter, it’s a known fact I strongly advocate open government and increasing government transparency (especially via social media).

But tweets, Facebook posts, and Youtube videos alone obviously aren’t enough. Government transparency begins with the most simple of principles: always tell the truth. Sometimes the truth isn’t always the prettiest thing in the room, but it takes someone with integrity and a strong moral compass to do the right thing.

Over the last two years, I’ve observed several politicians and candidates across this state and across this nation in regard to their stand on open government. Some are pretty disappointing… but with West Virginia’s 2011 special gubernatorial election, one candidate stands out from the pack with a strong record on increasing government transparency: Jeff Kessler.

“We’re going to tell the people the truth,” he constantly says, referring to anything from why he’s running for governor to issues with legislation to any questions that arise from the press.

Not only is this principle ingrained in his character, he has an exceptional record for open government. Kessler sponsored and passed legislation that put West Virginia on the map as the first state in the U.S. to regulate 527 political groups requiring them to disclose sources of political funding.

Furthermore, this past legislative session, the West Virginia State Senate was able to pass ethics reform legislation requiring disclosure by paid public officials and prohibiting public office holders from lobbying for twelve months after they leave office.

Now I’ve heard many a tall tale from politicians in my sky-high stiletto days, but Jeff Kessler is grounded in honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Your vote is a terrible thing to waste

Ghandi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

We have an opportunity in 47 days to take the high road and put West Virginia on the map to be one of the leading states in the nation.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit in the last couple weeks, and there is a repetitive phrase I keep hearing, “Your candidate is the best guy for the job… He’s the most qualified for the position…”

And then there is a pause, followed by, “…but my daughter works for Candidate X and she needs to keep her job, so I guess I have to vote for them.”

West Virginia, your vote is not something to waste, nor is the future of your children and grandchildren. This election is a game changer for our state, and to vote for someone you don’t have faith in is nothing short of unacceptable. It puts West Virginia’s future at a disadvantage.

When you go vote, be it on Election Day or for early voting, think about who you’re voting for and why. Don’t think of today, think of where each candidate will lead us ten, even twenty years from now.

Your vote is a terrible thing to waste.

Monday, March 7, 2011

First Official Female 2011 Gubernatorial Campaign Manager Named By Democrat Jeff Kessler

Gubernatorial candidate Senator Jeff Kessler named Kathy Brown as his campaign manager earlier today, but who on earth is Kathy Brown?

The first official female campaign manager on the Democratic side, Brown currently maintains her own law firm, located in Charleston. Inheriting her work ethic, stubbornness, and determination from her father, she paid tribute to him by opening her own law firm on what would have been her father’s 88th birthday, March 8, 2009. Not only have l admired Brown for her amazing organization skills and variety of talents (from law to the news), but it would seem we’re both daddy’s girls.

Prior to starting her own practice, Kathy formerly worked at WSAZ, moving to West Virginia in 1980 to take the noon news anchor position. She also worked as an investigative reporter. (And just a piece of advice, you can tell her you remember her face, just don’t say you grew up watching her on the news.)

All that investigating must have turned on a light blub in Brown’s head, as she attended WVU Law School while continuing to work at WSAZ. In addition, she clerked for West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman, when Workman had a private practice. Brown received her law degree in 2001.

Not only does the first official female campaign manager on the Democratic side have a solid background in law and broadcast journalism, she’s worked on several campaigns, and is someone this Politico in Stilettos cannot wait to work with.

Disclaimer: While I am aware that Natalie Tennant hired Julie Sweet, I haven't officially heard if Sweet is her Campaign Manager or not. If so, then Senator Kessler hired the second female campaign manager. More power to politicos in stilettos in West Virginia!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The First 2011 WV Gubernatorial Straw Poll....

The first straw poll for the 2011 West Virginia gubernatorial race took place yesterday evening in Charleston, and the results shed light on how the people of Kanawha County may vote.

Senator Jeff Kessler received over 22% of the vote, following Treasurer John Perdue and Speaker Rick Thompson. Kessler is the only gubernatorial candidate from the northern part of West Virginia, as the other five candidates live in or south of Charleston. For the only northern candidate to receive over 22% is nothing short of spectacular!

The most shocking number of the evening was the 6.2% that acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin received.

Overall, the evening was quite interesting. Attendees heard everything from serious campaign speeches, to the word “crossroads” used 1,000 times, to the Speaker singing “County Roads” while playing his guitar. I must admit I kept waiting for the doors of the Women’s Club to open and none other than former Governor Bob Wise to come in clogging!

There are several more straw polls already scheduled around the state between now and May 14th, and after last night, this Politico in Stilettos feels like she hasn’t seen anything yet.

For more information on the straw poll, check out the article in today’s Gazette.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One DC trip and 3 Reed Awards later…

Dashing back to the Marriott after meeting tweeps Lovisa Williams and Dr. Mark Drapeau to catch up with Larry before heading to the awards dinner, I realized I was more excited for this event than any Christmas or New Year’s Eve… it was almost better than election night!

You know the saying that in West Virginia everyone knows everyone? Well who should be sitting to my right during the awards dinner but none other than John Perdue’s campaign media strategist, Ben Chao. Beside Ben sat Tom Rossmeissl from Trippi & Associates who was up for a Reed against Struble Eichenbaum Communications for Senator Joe Manchin’s “Dead Aim” TV spot.

Rainmaker won three Reed Awards from Campaigns and Elections Magazine: Toughest Newspaper Ad, Toughest Radio Ad, and Best Direct Mail- Democratic County, Local, and Judicial Candidate. To see all Rainmaker’s 2010 political work, click here.

To see all the Reed Award winners, click here.

Just a little FYI...Trippi & Associates TV spot for Jerry Brown’s campaign beat “Dead Aim.” In fact, the spot won two Reed Awards!

But the evening got more interesting…

Whether or not Secretary of State Natalie Tennant can raise money for her gubernatorial campaign this year has been a topic of discussion for over a week now. Several mentioned that Emily’s List, a fundraising group for female gubernatorial and congressional candidates, could raise her several hundreds of thousands of dollars. After investigating a little, it appears this is not the case. Last year, Emily’s List only contributed approximately $65,000 for their top targeted House race. Their fundraising power is not what it has been in the past, so where will Tennant turn for funds?

I find it odd that most national political consulting firms only specialize in one type of campaign effort: e.g. direct mail, website design, media, etc… My favorite thing about Rainmaker is we are a full-service political consulting firm, doing everything from logos and social media to direct mail and TV and radio spots. Our clients choose what services they want us to do. Chao told my boss and me that in order to branch out into other states, we should distinguish ourselves in one category. If you know me at all, I like to have my stilettos and wear them too, so sticking to one category is not something I’ll be doing. Chao will be in Charleston on Monday, February 7th.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The battle for the Governor's Mansion begins!


Rainmaker,Inc. speaking with independent expenditure against major 2011 gubernatorial candidate!

With the West Virginia GOP announcing they chose a Georgia real estate developer to run their party, and Senate President acting as Governor Earl Ray Tomblin hiring all of Senator Joe Manchin’s DC political and media consultants, I realized I hadn’t posted much lately.

Since I love political campaigns more than shoe shopping…

Natalie Tennant is officially kicking off her gubernatorial campaign tomorrow at 11am at Colasessano’s Pizza located in Fairmont. This Marion County native hired former Rockefeller state director Lou Ann Johnson to handle all the Secretary of State’s media relations. That being said, will Rockefeller endorse Tennant?

Rick Thompson hired Mike Plante as his campaign manager, and chose Michael Perry and Bob Shell to serve on his finance committee. For more on those two, check out Alison Knezevich’s post.

Treasurer John Perdue chose Chuck Smith, former state Democratic Party chairman, as his campaign manager.

Looking at a much larger campaign in 2012… I cannot help but wonder if Supreme Court Justice Robin Davis will choose the same person who ran her previous campaigns to run her United States Senate campaign, Linda Arnold.