Monday, January 23, 2017

Scary Campaign Promises Turn Into Real Reality

On this rainy, cold, post-March Monday, President Trump has showed himself again. This time not with “alternative facts” but by making good on his scary campaign promises. He signed an executive order reinstating the Global Gag Rule, an order that bans non-governmental organizations that preform abortion services from receiving foreign aid or any federal funding.

This audacious action comes on the heels of the largest protest in United States History, the 1.21.17 Women’s March. This past Saturday, we joined together in solidary to stand up the rights for women, men, and children across America and around the world. It was a day of healing for those of us who still feel as if Hillary Clinton’s defeat bears the same weight as your best friend passing away; a day of inspiration for all genders and all ages; a day of compassion; a day when we showed the world what a peaceful protest looks like.

Our march continues! The organizers have set up 10 Action Steps, and thousands of women and men are signing up to become advocates for NARAL, Planned Parenthood, She Should Run, Vote Run Lead, and numerous other organizations. I ask anyone who reads this to make your voice heard consistently and effectively, from communicating with your local and federal elected officials to volunteering to help register people to vote to sharing your thoughts and feeling across social media, to starting blogs, and having conversations with your friends and family on a regular basis. The time is now, and if Saturday showed us all one thing only, it’s that yes, the force of America is with us.