Sunday, August 5, 2012

Stronger visuals needed in this campaign ad!

President Obama’s latest campaign ad, “Important,” attacks Romney on women’s health issues. 

While the ad’s message definitely resonates, this Politico in Stilettos would have implemented stronger visual elements to reaffirm the message that, if elected, Mitt Romney would drag the progressive voice of women today by their ponytails back to the 1950s. 

Why is this ad showing women speaking in front of stereotypical 1950’s locations like a house or in what appears to be a kitchen? If you’re going to say Romney would drag us back, have a female CEO say that on camera. Show the images of what life was like for women in the ‘50s. Have the female CEO say how she is so appreciative for women like her mother to have paved the way so she could be where she is today, and how Planned Parenthood was there for her and she will fight to ensure it’s there for her daughter. Taking away a woman’s right to choose is unacceptable, Romney’s plan to demolish Planned Parenthood is unacceptable and Romney as President is utterly unacceptable. 

Also, what’s up with the name? Yes, this is a significantly “important” issue to women, but let’s put a little more thought in to it. 

Make no mistake about it, I am NOT bashing the President at all. I just think his campaign ad firm should have put a little more thought into this ad.