Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hillary's Pearly Whites

Quite frankly, I don’t see how Joe Scarborough is even still on the air. That aside, I agree with him. Hillary does need to smile more, and that’s just the beginning.

She continues to come across like she’s yelling in her victory speeches. Maybe it would be different if she was smiling while yelling? I know she and every other Presidential candidate are exhausted right now, so a little scratchy throat is expected, but you won! Be happy excited! We’re all happy for you! Show those pearly whites!

Should she pull a Chris Rock from the Oscars and use the word “smile” in her upcoming speeches just to be snarky? Totally. But seriously, there is a time to be stern and a time to be excited. Women are up in arms that white men are “scolding” our upcoming Madame President to “smile” but we women shouldn’t be up in arms over these comments. It’s true! I’m a women. #ImwithHER. I think she needs to not only smile more but to be warmer overall.

And, maybe we all need to smile a little more, too.