Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hillary Clinton: The Other Side of the Coin?

I’m tired of hearing how Hillary keeps flubbing up the wealth question. There are far more important issues we should be talking about, but, we continue to treat every word, change in body language, and strand of pearls around the neck of the “potential” Democratic presidential frontrunner as if she were a fetal pig being dissected by high school students in an AP Anatomy/Physiology class.

Yes, we all know the Clintons are extremely wealthy. And, yes Sally Kohn, Hillary can definitely afford a better speaking coach. But has anyone looked at the other side of the coin on this?

Hillary Clinton is a powerful force who’s overcome hardships in front of the nation from her husband to Bengazi. While 60% of the nation may not “like” her as a presidential candidate, who else is more qualified to run the country? Seriously.

Personally, I hardly see her as an “out of touch” rich lady who lives in a bubble surrounded by butlers and servants snubbing her nose if her green tea is burnt. I think of her as an innovative solutionist who focuses on how to best achieve the tasks we face as a global society in order to create a better world. Yes, a little idealistic I agree, but what I applaud about Hillary most is her focus. Almost never distracted by the fluff and obsessions from her pant suits to her hair style, she’s too busy to bat a non-mascara-coated eye lash as she gets of a plane half way across the world to speak to the UN on women’s rights.

So, let’s continue this boring high school dissection of Hillary Clinton’s wealth. Did anyone ever ponder why she misspoke? Why would she ever do such a thing? Surely she’s too smart for that, or, are we reacting exactly the way we’re supposed to?