Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Fendi Field Teams? Grassroots in Gucci? What will Cynthia Nixon’s Campaign Look Like?

She’d be New York’s first female, and first openly gay, governor – when Cynthia Nixon announced her candidacy on Monday I guess I knew what was about to happen because I spent Sunday watching a Sex and the City marathon working from home with my pawlitical pups laying at my feet.  (Glad I chose vintage snakeskin stilettos to wear to work yesterday, too!)

Now I really like Governor Cuomo, but challenge is a great thing! New Yorkers love the hustle (and many of us that aren’t New Yorkers do, too). And while we all can appreciate a good kitten heel, a handsome wingtip, New Yorkers may want someone who wears taller shoes.

I’m interested to see how she runs her campaign, who she brings on, and how voters across the Empire State react to her candidacy. Not quite sure about her logo though. Yes, I’m more than sure SATC fans will flock to the campaign… (I’m already brainstorming a grassroots stiletto squad…) but I think this race is definitely one to watch. It’s the year of the woman. It’s the year to challenge political conventions as we know them. And the results of this year lay the yellow brick road for 2020 – Ruby Slipper Nation or Sapphire Stilettos Nation? No stiletto discrimination from me, just sign me up!!