Monday, August 16, 2010

WV’s First Political Twitter Discussion: @Kenwardjr @DelegateJMiller @bitmapped

Late this morning, Charleston Gazette (@wvgazette) Reporter Ken Ward (@Kenwardjr) and House of Delegates member Jonathan Miller (@DelegateJMiller) had a discussion on Twitter over cap and trade, carbon capture, and carbon dioxide. Brian Powell (@bitmapped) also joined the conversation.(Too bad it didn’t have a hashtag associated with it.)

This is the second major instance in West Virginia social media history that a reporter has opened a discussion with a politician through a social media vehicle. The first occurred with Mannix Porterfield asked House of Delegates (@wvhouse) Speaker Thompson (@RT4WV) a question on his Facebook Fan Page.

Conversations and debates, like the one between Ward and Miller, via new media vehicles allow for open discussion and promote interest in government because everyone can be involved. This increases governmental transparency and let’s voters actually discuss issues with those running for office.

A scary thought for all elected officials, or anyone who refuses to answer reporter or constituent questions? If you don’t respond, you could always get tweet-bombed. Although you would have to actually check your twitter account, which one politician in this state doesn’t seem to do.

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