Monday, August 16, 2010

Quit blaming and complaining!

After reading The New York Times, the Sunday Gazette-Mail, and several online articles about politics and the 2010 General Election yesterday, I’ve come to the conclusion that most just like to blame this or that administration for the way things are today and complain about everything they don’t have because of this or that politician. Well, I’m over it.

Wouldn’t life be easy if all we did was complain and not take responsibility for anything?

What would happen if we actually got off our butts and took a proactive approach to what we complain about?

The blame game is easy, it’s strategizing solutions that’s the hard part. After all, if it was easy, anyone could do it. Campaigns where politicians lay out clear, concise goals toward fixing problems and responding to issues are much more appealing and believable than those that just place blame and have no real substance. Now, if that person were to get elected and not fulfill the very ideas and solutions that got them elected, then that’s a problem.

But overall, I’m tired of campaigns and parties blaming each other. If all we do is blame and complain, who will figure out the solutions needed to move this nation forward?


  1. The biggest obstacle to effective problem solving is correctly assessing the problem.

    How can we solve problems without talking about how we got there in the first place?

  2. Excellent point. But why spend so much time blaming? Why not just say "Here's the problem. And here are the steps to solving the problem."

    It seems, to me, everyone wants to simply say, "Things suck right night because of the Bush/Obama Administration. It's all their fault. Elect me because I'm not them." That type of campaigning doesn't promote any solutions, just a break from what we have.