Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Will Manchin Play the Clinton Card?

We all know that Obama’s approval rating is somewhere near 27%, both nationally and here in West Virginia. But we didn’t need to poll to find that out. At the late Senator Byrd’s service, Obama got some shouts and claps, but no elected official could trump the excitement felt by the crowd for none other than former President Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton is no stranger to West Virginia, he’s spoken at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner, at a recent West Virginia University graduation, he campaigned here for his wife, and least we should forget, he carried West Virginia in the 1992 and 1996 presidential races. His campaigns and his charisma have charmed wild, wonderful West Virginians for 18 years, and based on the cheering from his most recent visit, this trend won’t be reversed any time soon.

While Obama has been flying across the county campaigning for Democrats, I feel it’s “The Comeback Kid” who Manchin should call in for backup support.

Why do I feel that way? I grew up in a Clinton household. During the time “The Great Empathizer” was in office, America was happy (at least that’s how I remember it). All my friends and I grew up pretty much in peace and prosperity, then... (start musical interlude of Jaws theme) ...came Bush.

Bill Clinton not only appeals to the WW II Generation, he also appeals to Baby Boomers, and to me, a Gen Y’er. There’s something nostalgic about the Clinton years, and it’s perhaps that feeling which caused me to cast my vote for Hilary Clinton for President just two short years ago. While Obama’s campaign efforts were unsustainably remarkable, I wasn’t a fan. I was a Hilary girl, (and still am).

I digress... In the most recent Gallup poll, former President Clinton trumps Obama. Maybe the reason Clinton’s approval is much higher than Obama’s is because America itself shares in my nostalgia of life almost 20 years ago. And I know he made a mistake or two, but we’re all human. Somehow, to me, Bill Clinton embodies the goodness of Americanism. And it’s this proud passion for patriotism that America, and West Virginia, seem to be running low on right now.

I know one man can’t move mountains, but maybe Clinton could move more West Virginians in favor of Manchin.

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  1. To quote the former sleazebag-in-chief: "I did not have sex with that woman."

    Manchin is best suited running as Manchin, without help from a known liar who is still cheating on his wife.