Friday, August 13, 2010

Life After Manchin Moves Out of the Mansion

The man Larry Sabato called an “obvious assumption” will most likely be responding to “Senator Manchin” rather than “Governor” in a few months time, (Daily Mail article by Ry Rivard :

Let’s take a moment to briefly reflect on the time Joe Manchin III spent as our 34th Governor. We saw worker’s compensation reformed with the creation of Brick Street. The Governor’s Mansion was renovated. Over $12 billion dollars worth of investments in the business sector occurred in the state. Phil Kabler wasn’t invited to the Christmas party. Our budget was well-managed and our overall debt decreased. Manchin’s been the best cheerleader and sales person for wild, wonderful West Virginia. We were able to host part of the PGA tour. The Governor’s Mansion received an addition: a white party tent. Phil Kabler never got to sit under that tent.

Phil, maybe there’s hope, because most likely Manchin will be elected on November 2nd, becoming West Virginia’s freshman United States Senator. And in 2011, we’ll have to elect a new governor. But what will life be like without Manchin in the Mansion? I guess it depends on who moves in....

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