Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Delegate Tim Miley and 4-Square

I just had to comment about how Tim Miley (@WVInjuryLawyer) has been tweeting more and more in the past few weeks. He’s even using 4-Square! Not only is he using it for his business, he’s promoting restaurants!

I personally feel 4-Square is a great tool for politicians, and more need to use it! If you’re on the campaign trail and want to stop for a bite to eat, you 4-Square where you are, and ask constituents in the area to come join you for coffee or a piece of pie. I just bet a younger group of people show up that what you’d expect.

As of the past couple weeks, more West Virginia politicians have been conversing with their tweeps, including @wvhouse members Jonathan Miller (@DelegateJMiller) and Bob Beach (@WVDelegate). Keep it up!!

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