Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special Election, State of the State, and Stilettos

Today at 2pm, the State Supreme Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in favor of and opposing a special gubernatorial election in 2011. It’s no secret that Acting Governor Tomblin believes that current laws “clearly provide” that the election to replace Manchin as governor should be in 2012, according to an article in the West Virginia Record. Tomblin also stated his position at his most recent press conference last week, where he called for a Lt. Governor position. Speaker Thompson, who would run against potential gubernatorial candidate Tomblin, believes that waiting until 2012 to elect Manchin’s successor is too late. Tomblin, Thompson, and Secretary of State (and potential gubernatorial candidate) Natalie Tennant have all filed election briefs.

Interestingly enough, Robin Davis recused herself from this case. Rumors are running wild that she may run against Manchin if he decides to run for re-election for United States Senate, or would run for governor. However, I’m hearing she most likely will not run for governor.

So what will the Supreme Court do? I bet they throw the case back down to the legislature, where the House will send an elections bill over to the Senate. If the Senate does not pass the bill, it’s also rumored that the House will not pass any other bills until a special gubernatorial election bill is passed and signed off on by the Acting Governor.

Needless to say, tomorrow’s State of the State will be nothing short of intensely interesting… and I’ve got a stellar pair of stilettos for the occasion.

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