Sunday, January 30, 2011

2012 (and 2011 in WV) Bring on the Political Bloggers!

“What Mr. Pawlenty does have is a beat reporter from Politico assigned to chronicle every utterance and movement of his non-campaign campaign: a 25-year-old named Kendra Marr…”

This morning’s Sunday New York Times front page caught the Politico in Stiletto’s eye: “Political Blogs Ready to Flood Campaign Trail

According to the article, a mass of young, political bloggers “want to establish themselves as the Blogs on the Bus.” The time has come when political bloggers equal the number of reporters on press release lists, and several insiders are dropping tips to bloggers before traditional media reporters. “The proliferation of political news sites has tested many traditional news outlets, which must grapple with whether to pursue the kind of micro-scoops and quick-hit articles that political sites specialize in, or ignore them and risk losing readers.”

While Politico, FiveThiryEight, RealClearPolitics, the Daily Kos, and more are placing more political bloggers on the ground with possible candidates and elected officials, West Virginia has a great group of political blogs you’ll want to follow:

As I’m sure I’ve left a couple out, so please share!

To combat this, it seems reporters are turning to Twitter to keep up. A sampling of West Virginia political reporters who you'll want to follow include:

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