Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 Years, 3 Elections, 3 Governors?

This afternoon the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals denies petitioners arguments (which some claim is unconstitutional) and ordered Acting Governor Tomblin to set a date for the special election, stating "the period of time in which the duties of the governor shall be performed by [an acting governor] shall not exceed one year." Tomblin must set a special election by November 15th.

So we’re going to have another special election, and I think we all knew this would happen. Thus far, 2011 candidates include: Betty Ireland, Treasurer John Purdue, Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, Speaker of the House Rick Thompson, and Senate President Pro Tem Brooks McCabe, to name a few.

While several other names have been floating around, it seems both parties are searching for a dark horse to enter this race. Mike Stuart said he won’t run. Justice Robin Davis… thoughts anyone? (Although I hear she’s still on the fence.)

West Virginia’s biggest problems are economic/financial. So someone who is in one of those sectors could have some meat on the bones of a gubernatorial campaign. Other thoughts are someone with money. Who in West Virginia could fund a campaign or has enough ties to pull off a multi-million dollar campaign at the last minute? Thoughts anyone?


  1. Shelly can run (and afford it) and if she loses, she is still Congresswoman Capito

  2. It would be near impossible for anyone to disagree with the statement that WV has economic/financial issues. While I have lived close to people in econ/finance and have some clue about that, I have worked most closely with people addressing human needs. Those needs, and the dynamics of poverty, are deep in West Virginia. My hope is that whoever carries forward as the CEO of this state either has some experience in those dynamics (in other words, knows a thing or two about economics past a spread sheet or personal wealth), or comes to office with a diverse staff plan that will include experts in social justice as well as accounting. I'm still hoping to find out who that is, as are you I am sure!