Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainmaker Finalist in 2011 Reed Awards!

It gives me great pleasure (and excited goose bumps) to announce that Rainmaker, Inc. has been nominated for eleven Reed Awards by Campaigns & Elections Magazine for the political work we produced during the 2010 campaign cycle. Moreover, we received a phone call indicating we need to be present when they give out the Reed Awards (meaning we won at least one)!

Campaign & Elections’ Politics magazine this week announced its finalists for the Reed Awards, an annual competition that honors the nation’s top political management and consulting firms. Rainmaker is a finalist in eleven categories, meaning our work was judged as being in the top three of each of these categories in the nation.

Campaigns & Elections’ Politics magazine is published 13 times a year and covers the strategies, techniques and personalities of modern politics. It is read by thousands of local, state and federal elected officials, candidates for office, party activists, issue campaigners, political consultants, campaign staffs, lobbyists, PAC directors, university professors, news reporters and numerous behind-the-scenes opinion makers. Find them on Twitter.

Our favorite piece, “Hootie Dropped the Ball” is up against Harry Reid’s campaign for the Toughest Radio Ad in the county. The other ten finalist categories include: Toughest Newspaper Ad, Newspaper-Local, County, Statehouse, or Judicial Newspaper Ad, Billboard Ad, Direct Mail- Democratic County, Local, or Judicial Candidate, Direct Mail- Democratic State Legislative Candidate, Direct Mail- Toughest Direct Mail Piece, Best Overall Bibliographical Mail, Most Daring and Successful Tactic, TV- Democratic Local, County or Judicial Candidate, and TV-Democratic State Legislative Candidate.

The national awards will be given out February 4th in Washington, DC at the Reed Awards Conference and Dinner. Needless to say, I’ll need yet another stellar pair of stilettos

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