Monday, September 12, 2011

Rick Perry: the GOP’s Lady Gaga?

Since Fashion Week is taking place in New York right now, I just couldn’t help myself…

What’s the one thing an aspiring designer’s collection can do to stand out in a sea of fabric on the runway? The same thing a candidate to can do to stand out in a sea of political hopefuls: Be audacious.

Texas Governor Rick Perry scares the stilettos off me, but the one thing I must give my nightmare’s campaign consultants credit for is his audacity. Since announcing his candidacy, he has the most outlandish, unfathomable, and outrageous sound bytes of any candidate I can remember.

From calling social security a “ponzi scheme” to not believing the federal government plays a role in our childrens’ education, to even questioning whether or not the President is patriotic, his audacious quotes continually get his name mentioned on the news, virally over dirty martinis and in office break rooms across the nation. His brazen, rash comments are so over the top, they’re news (although they haven’t landed him in the same situation as John Galliano, yet…). If he wasn't audacious, I wouldn't be blogging about him right now. You don't see me blogging about John Huntsman, do you?

The only thing I can compare his words to are Lady Gaga’s performance ensembles!

So whether you’re in fashion or politics and need to stand out, one thing will always hold true: Be audacious!

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