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Monday, September 12, 2011

Rick Perry: the GOP’s Lady Gaga?

Since Fashion Week is taking place in New York right now, I just couldn’t help myself…

What’s the one thing an aspiring designer’s collection can do to stand out in a sea of fabric on the runway? The same thing a candidate to can do to stand out in a sea of political hopefuls: Be audacious.

Texas Governor Rick Perry scares the stilettos off me, but the one thing I must give my nightmare’s campaign consultants credit for is his audacity. Since announcing his candidacy, he has the most outlandish, unfathomable, and outrageous sound bytes of any candidate I can remember.

From calling social security a “ponzi scheme” to not believing the federal government plays a role in our childrens’ education, to even questioning whether or not the President is patriotic, his audacious quotes continually get his name mentioned on the news, virally over dirty martinis and in office break rooms across the nation. His brazen, rash comments are so over the top, they’re news (although they haven’t landed him in the same situation as John Galliano, yet…). If he wasn't audacious, I wouldn't be blogging about him right now. You don't see me blogging about John Huntsman, do you?

The only thing I can compare his words to are Lady Gaga’s performance ensembles!

So whether you’re in fashion or politics and need to stand out, one thing will always hold true: Be audacious!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The President's Necktie

A lavender-blue, wide necktie that hung almost perfectly straight drove the President’s message home to this fashion-savvy politico. The color echoes that of the early morning dawn, or the rebirth of the American Dream to the citizens of the United States of America.

“Americans do not care about politics – they have real life issues,” our fearless leader confidently claimed last night, and he’s right.

The average person does not care about politics, they care about their families and themselves. One key example that President Obama pointed out was that parents are postponing retirement to send their kids to college, my parents fall into this shoebox, which is just one in a few million that could take up the entire Mall of America.

He referenced the baby boomer vision of the American Dream, and put the responsibility of bringing it back on the Armani-suited shoulders of the elected officials of Congress.

I sharply disagree with one of Chuck Todd’s comments last night about the President’s American Jobs Act legislation plan. Todd said there’s a marketing plan, but what he doesn’t see is a legislative plan to “ram rod” this bill through the House and Senate. Chuck, not only do I disagree with your opinion, I really disagree with your tie.

What Obama’s speech inspired me to do was tweet, call, write, blog, and email my elected officials to make them vote for the President’s legislation. If we Americans put enough pressure on the members of Congress that represent us, it can pass. Yes, there’s a full-swing Presidential Primary going on in the Republican Party right now, but, “we can’t wait 14 months.”

Politics is the art of compromise, and what the President implied he was proposing is a piece of legislation that both parties can agree on because it involves several compromises on issues.

I challenge every single person who reads this blog to not judge a shoebox by its cover and to read the American Jobs Act. If you support it, call the elected officials who represent you and are supposed to have your best interest at heart and tell them to support it too.

On a side note, what was Hilary wearing? And Mr. Speaker, you consistently disappoint me in your tie selection. From your St. Patrick’s Day green tie to the cotton candy-colored blob you wore last night… It’s always a fashion fail for you.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Obama's Jobs Speech: The Politico in Stilettos' Thoughts

It's interesting that CNN's American Morning anchors were asking guests on yesterday morning’s show, "what do you want to hear in a jobs plan?"

Sure, we'd all like to hear something to make us sleep easier at night with dreams of financial stability in our heads. But is that what we need?

This 26-year-old is tired of being babied. America take off the Pampers training pants and put your big girl panties on!

I am exhausted of hearing about all the Republican candidates’ jobs plans. They’re basically the same thing with different wording and the bullet points are in different sequences.

What are college kids thinking right now? Or are they even concerned about it? If I was in undergrad right now, I’d be scared of not being able to find a job after graduation. Sure, there is always graduate school, but that’s not a permanent solution.

So if I had been a guest on CNN this morning and they asked me, “what would you like to hear in a jobs speech?” Here’s what I’d say…

The question isn’t what would I like to hear, it’s what should I hear. I should hear the scary reality that our nation is facing issues of mountainous proportions right now, and creating jobs is yes, one of those elephant-sized issues. I should hear that America as a whole is going to have to work as a team to get back on track… that at the end of the day, it’s big corporations and small businesses, it’s Democrats and Republicans working together for the good of the country, not for their own agenda.

And I applaud Rachel Maddow’s clip that aired during a break on Morning Joe this morning where she confidently conveys what huge things America has been capable of, and will continue to be capable of.

The movie A Beautiful Mind made an excellent point: the greatest outcome will come by doing what’s good for yourself and what’s good for the group. When small businesses do their part, when corporations do their part (and nothing super scandalous obviously), when we all strive to reach the same big, broad goal, it can be achieved. If we focus all our energy on obtaining set goals for both ourselves, our jobs, and our country, I deeply believe we will see things shift for the better.

In my opinion, the President’s job speech should not tell about all the jobs he is going to create. It should ignite a flame inside each and every one of us and motivate the nation to get to work. I should hear a speech that will make me work harder each and every day, that inspires me to start my own business on the side and be able to employ a college student part-time so they are able to contribute to the economy by choosing to pay back their student loans while enrolled in school (or buy shoes).

President Obama needs to inspire the nation this evening, which is the very thing he did when he ran for President. No, he need not give a campaign speech, as most people are probably expecting. He needs to ignite that spark inside each and every American from the beginning to the end of this speech this evening.

Robert Frost wrote in his poem The Road Not Taken, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Where there is a will, there is a way. Look at the feats this nation has accomplished when America takes its own path. After all, that’s what America is founded upon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wild, Wonderful West Virginia with a Woman Governor

“Women are not single-issue voters. Women, like me, have a wide variety of views. ...all of us are worried about our children’s futures,” stated Carly Fiorina.

Females continue climbing the political ladder in the United States, and right here at home. We’ve had two females in the Secretary of State’s Office, Natalie Tennant (@NatalieTennant) and Betty Ireland (@bettyireland). Carrie Webster (@judgewebster) as the first female to serve as the House of Delegates Judiciary Chair. And that’s not even the beginning!

But one thing we haven’t seen is a female governor. When Charlotte Pritt ran in 1996, I distinctly remember my Mom saying on the way home from voting, “Well, win or lose I voted for the first female governor.”

Now, 14 years later, the possibility looks better than ever. R.L. Repass and Partners recently conducted polling and the results show that the two top contenders for West Virginia Governor are women! Natalie Tennant is 3 points shy of Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (@Capito4Congress), but neither have declared their intentions to run.

Another female being mentioned in the 2012 fight to keep the White House is Hilary Clinton

as Vice President.

Whatever the outcome, one thing is crystal clear, the glass ceiling is without a doubt breaking in the world of politics.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ireland for Governor 2011!?


Betty Ireland is expected to be a leading Republican for the 2011 Very Special Election for Governor. Several West Virginia GOP members (@WVGOP) met yesterday to discuss plowing the way for Ireland to run, including; new WV GOP Chairman Mike Stuart (@MikeStuartWV) and former Governor Arch Moore. Speaking of Moore, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito still tops the list for 2011 GOP gubernatorial candidates, because she can keep her House seat while running for Governor.

It's also rumored that Stuart would like to run for public office in 2012. Other GOP 2011 gubernatorial possibilities include Mark Sorsaia, the Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney. For more information on Sorsaia, check out Zac Taylor's story in today's Gazette (@wvgazette) :

Ireland and Pritt: Strapping on Stilettos in 2012?

Here’s an option I haven’t heard yet: Betty Ireland for Governor in 2012? Charlotte Pritt for Congress?

Everyone seems to think Rep. Shelley Moore Capito (@Capito4Congress) will run for Governor in 2012, but with the possibility of having 5 people sitting in the Governor’s seat between now and then, why would she want to? Her father was Governor, so continuing the family legacy in her father’s footsteps seems reasonable. But what will our beloved Mountain State look like between now and then? And with her eye on Rockefeller’s seat in 2014, why would she pass that up?

So what other Republican female has statewide recognition and could be strong contender for our first female Governor? Former Secretary of State Betty Ireland (@bettyireland). She’s “politically connected,” weekly Facebook updates and tweets that depict her as a lover of family, policy, and profession. Her latest tweet was about Governor Jan Brewer (@GovBrewer) and how they knew each other when they were both Secretary of State. Ireland was the first female elected to West Virginia’s Executive Branch when she became the 28th Secretary of State in November 2004. Winning that election proved she knows how to campaign to “likely voters,” so she’s got her media vehicles to all demographics covered.

Another former female politico who seems to be under the radar is Charlotte Pritt.

Pritt served in the West Virginia House of Delegates for 4 years,then went onto serve in the State Senate for two terms. In 1996, she became the first female to secure the gubernatorial nomination for either political party in West Virginia, running against Manchin. She also ran for Governor in 1992 but was defeated by Gaston Caperton. Does she have her eye on something in 2012?

2012 has been dubbed the year of the female in the political world, and these are two experienced West Virginia women that just might be strapping stilettos on and hitting the campaign trail.