Friday, September 9, 2011

The President's Necktie

A lavender-blue, wide necktie that hung almost perfectly straight drove the President’s message home to this fashion-savvy politico. The color echoes that of the early morning dawn, or the rebirth of the American Dream to the citizens of the United States of America.

“Americans do not care about politics – they have real life issues,” our fearless leader confidently claimed last night, and he’s right.

The average person does not care about politics, they care about their families and themselves. One key example that President Obama pointed out was that parents are postponing retirement to send their kids to college, my parents fall into this shoebox, which is just one in a few million that could take up the entire Mall of America.

He referenced the baby boomer vision of the American Dream, and put the responsibility of bringing it back on the Armani-suited shoulders of the elected officials of Congress.

I sharply disagree with one of Chuck Todd’s comments last night about the President’s American Jobs Act legislation plan. Todd said there’s a marketing plan, but what he doesn’t see is a legislative plan to “ram rod” this bill through the House and Senate. Chuck, not only do I disagree with your opinion, I really disagree with your tie.

What Obama’s speech inspired me to do was tweet, call, write, blog, and email my elected officials to make them vote for the President’s legislation. If we Americans put enough pressure on the members of Congress that represent us, it can pass. Yes, there’s a full-swing Presidential Primary going on in the Republican Party right now, but, “we can’t wait 14 months.”

Politics is the art of compromise, and what the President implied he was proposing is a piece of legislation that both parties can agree on because it involves several compromises on issues.

I challenge every single person who reads this blog to not judge a shoebox by its cover and to read the American Jobs Act. If you support it, call the elected officials who represent you and are supposed to have your best interest at heart and tell them to support it too.

On a side note, what was Hilary wearing? And Mr. Speaker, you consistently disappoint me in your tie selection. From your St. Patrick’s Day green tie to the cotton candy-colored blob you wore last night… It’s always a fashion fail for you.

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