Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Future. Our West Virginia.

This election isn’t about parties. It isn’t about change. It isn’t about moving mountains. It’s not about most likely voters. It’s about something different. This election is about our future.

We’re at a crossroads in West Virginia, and we must combat voter complacency and blaze a new path for our future. It’s not the likely voters who we need to target, its the future generations of our state we most motivate. Decisions are being made about our future by those that likely voters elect, yet we seem all too happy to just let other people decide our fate and the fate of West Virginia.

We’re smarter, more capable, and more creative than any problem our state will ever come across, and we unlikely voters are the ones who need to stand up and take control of our future. It all starts by getting involved at a local level in grassroots organizations. It all starts by making it a priority to vote between October 13th and November 2nd. It all starts because of you. We all want the same things; jobs, economic growth, etc... But we cannot rest on our laurels waiting for these things to happen! In order to make a difference, we must be part of that difference.

We’re at a crossroads in West Virginia, and this election is about something different. It’s about your future, and what are you going to do about it?


  1. Nice post. I hope you are right....

  2. Could you please provide more cliches? I know it would be difficult to do without inadvertently saying something substantive, but you seem up to the challenge.

  3. I like your fresh, honest, open, and pragmatic style. Lots of "hutzpah," as we say here in New York! Keep up the great bloging!