Monday, September 27, 2010

Yachts, marble driveways, who cares?

So John Raese has a marble driveway and Joe Manchin has a yacht. It’s not the possessions a candidate has that matter, and I really wish political campaigns would quit slamming candidates for superficial things like what kind of cars they drive or how nice their private planes are. That’s not what it’s about!!

What really matters is what candidate will best represent the people and how they have contributed to their state and the people they would represent if elected. Just because a candidate pulls into a marble driveway at his second home or chooses to take his grandchildren on a boat trip does not mean he cannot relate to the people of West Virginia. What matters is humility, not what you go home to versus what I go home to. It’s what kind of person a candidate is inside, and what they will do to move our great state forward.

How about checking into how many charities candidates have donated to? Has anyone in West Virginia pulled a Bill Gates and donated a million dollars to education? Now that would be a great positive campaign ad!


  1. See Phil Kabler's column in the Oct.3rd Sunday Gazette-Mail. Manchin can do more for WV in the next 2 years by finishing the term we elected him to serve. There will be less federal funding for the states in the next several years except for the ones that are bankrupt like California who will receive a bailout. Manchin has been a good governor. We need him to finish his term and. "always do what's best for WV" like his campaign ad says. Vote Johnson or Raese.

  2. There are many plotocrats who are hoping that you keep that philosophy. You are what they call "protection".
    Democracy only works when we claim it as our own.