Thursday, February 11, 2016

Grandpa Bernie or Empress Hillary?

No wonder the Alpha and the Omega that is HRC isn't reaching my generation - its like she's my nagging, shrill mother-in-law who's scolding me on what I haven't done for her son and her granddog. (In real life, my boyfriend's mom ROCKS MORE THAN ANYONE HAS A SPARKLE OF A CLUE, so don't misinterpret!)

So literally, women a bit older than me and a lot younger than me are being asked to choose between "Grandpa wants to help pay for your college" and "Stand up for ME! Me! Me! Me!" 

Hillary babe, I love you. You're the only candidate in my eyes, and in the eyes of my contemporaries. Quit yelling at me. Quit yelling at America. You've already proven yourself. We ALL know it. I've never seen grace under fire in my life like the day you owned the Benghazi hearing. And the very next day, I got to see you in person at the DNC's WLF annual conference (in that fabulous green long jacket!). That's my Hillary. We ALL know you in our own way and love you. As a dear, dear friend once said to me (I'm looking at you Stanford), "Go do you." 

Hillary, we're here. We're behind you. Go be you. That's how you really, really win. 

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