Monday, July 18, 2011

West Virginia has a Summit on Digital Government?

I just found out that West Virginia has an Information Technology Summit… and one of the topics for this year’s session is on digital government and new technologies. First off, I cannot figure out how I did not know about this. Secondly, you better believe I will be there. Thirdly, this Summit needs much better publicity.

From what I can tell by the website, the Summit has ZERO social media applications, which is a huge flaw in my eyes, (and honestly, probably why I didn’t know about it).

In addition to the topics listed above, additional topics for the Summit include; innovation, leadership in challenging times, cloud solutions, and cost savings. But… why isn’t mobile government listed? And I must ask, can someone be more specific? Innovation seems a little vague to me.

After finding this out, I can’t help but wonder… based on my politically social background and involvement in Leadership Kanawha Valley and Leadership West Virginia, would I qualify to be a speaker?

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