Monday, March 7, 2011

First Official Female 2011 Gubernatorial Campaign Manager Named By Democrat Jeff Kessler

Gubernatorial candidate Senator Jeff Kessler named Kathy Brown as his campaign manager earlier today, but who on earth is Kathy Brown?

The first official female campaign manager on the Democratic side, Brown currently maintains her own law firm, located in Charleston. Inheriting her work ethic, stubbornness, and determination from her father, she paid tribute to him by opening her own law firm on what would have been her father’s 88th birthday, March 8, 2009. Not only have l admired Brown for her amazing organization skills and variety of talents (from law to the news), but it would seem we’re both daddy’s girls.

Prior to starting her own practice, Kathy formerly worked at WSAZ, moving to West Virginia in 1980 to take the noon news anchor position. She also worked as an investigative reporter. (And just a piece of advice, you can tell her you remember her face, just don’t say you grew up watching her on the news.)

All that investigating must have turned on a light blub in Brown’s head, as she attended WVU Law School while continuing to work at WSAZ. In addition, she clerked for West Virginia Supreme Court Justice Margaret Workman, when Workman had a private practice. Brown received her law degree in 2001.

Not only does the first official female campaign manager on the Democratic side have a solid background in law and broadcast journalism, she’s worked on several campaigns, and is someone this Politico in Stilettos cannot wait to work with.

Disclaimer: While I am aware that Natalie Tennant hired Julie Sweet, I haven't officially heard if Sweet is her Campaign Manager or not. If so, then Senator Kessler hired the second female campaign manager. More power to politicos in stilettos in West Virginia!

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