Monday, December 27, 2010

Top 10 People to Watch in West Virginia Politics

The votes are in! Thank you to everyone who emailed, commented, direct messaged, Facebook messaged, and texted me your top ten list! The following list is ordered by the number of votes received.

Here is the Top 10 People to Watch In West Virginia Politics:
10. Betty Ireland
9. Truman Chafin
8. John Raese
7. John Perdue
6. Robin Davis
5. Brooks McCabe
4. Rick Thompson
3. Jeff Kessler
2. Natalie Tennant
1. Earl Ray Tomblin


The Politico in Stilettos said...

Odd that only three females made the list.

Bitmapped said...

I'm surprised Raese is on that list. At this point, I'd be surprised if WVGOP would nominate him after losing statewide 4 times.

The Politico in Stilettos said...

I was surprised he received as many votes as he did!

Anonymous said...

odd you left shelley moore off the list in the first place

The Politico in Stilettos said...

No one mentioned her until I published the first list. It wasn't intentional at all.

Anonymous said...

How about Meshea Poore? Hopefully we can build a list of female candidates for the 2012 race... at the municipal and county levels as well...

LaraS said...

Tennent to win it! I don't even know for sure that she's campaigning for governor yet, but I want her in office. I made up that campaign slogan for her earlier. Hope she likes it.

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